Bio gourmand freefrom diet culinaire tendances

With more than 30% of our products certified organic, Cook Inov is very much invested in this growing market. Since 2001, the date of our first certification, we have offered a wide range of organic recipes.

Building on the artisanal skills learned as the Conserverie du Perche, Cook Inov also produces traditional and delicious recipes from aperitifs through to desserts.

Because each and every one of us has the right to healthy and tasty food, Cook Inov also develops recipes that meet specific requirements (gluten-free, lactose-free, no salt and vegan etc.)

Thanks to its diet-conscious hub, located within its partner company, Unidiet,, Cook Inov is also able to produce recipes for various nutritional sectors such as sports and healthy eating.

Drawing on the expertise of its Research and Development department and its knowledge of consumer trends and ingredients, Cook Inov can provide its customers with the latest innovations.

Cook Inov really is a culinary hub and deploys its know-how in creating processed and sterilized products, especially through a wide range of pre-cooked pasta, ravioli and cereals.